Unmasking AI Deception.

Instantly safeguard your media's integrity with our AI deepfake detection.

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Average Loss

AI deepfakes cost businesses an average of $8,000 per incident.

Deepfake Attacks

The increase in percentage of deepfake attacks that target businesses.

Voice Cloning

The amount of time it takes to clone somebody's voice.

Built for

Integrate into your current stack. Test with the Web-app. An API that just works.

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API response in real-time

Get a response in less than 1 second.

Modular and scalable

Integrate into your current stack. An API that just works.

Safeguard Authenticity.

Adaptive Detection Technology

Our system continuously learns from new data, ensuring that it stays ahead of the latest deepfake techniques.

Comprehensive Media Analysis

Our advanced algorithms analyze both audio and video components to detect any form of tampering, ensuring the integrity of your media.

Forensic Level Detection

Employing forensic analysis techniques, our system offers unparalleled accuracy in identifying and confirming deepfakes, down to the most subtle cues.

Seamless Integration API

Integrate deepfake detection directly into your existing systems with our robust API, allowing for streamlined operations and security protocols.

User-Friendly Web Interface

Upload and verify media with ease using our intuitive web platform. Get detailed reports with just a few clicks.

Real-Time Analysis

Get instant deepfake alerts via email, download PDF report cards, and CSVs to help your team take action.